• News Update #27: Webley Mk.IV Weapon Preview

    Following our little teaser last week we present a short preview of the Webley Mk.IV revolver modelled and textured by [TWDEV] volcol, animated by [TWDEV] chad509 and with sound effects from our most recent team members [TWCON] EAR. You can see some more of their work on the website.

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    1. CanadianSquirrel's Avatar
      CanadianSquirrel -
      Woohoo! Another dose of my favorite drug! Thanks alot for the footage boys!
    1. JinxSwe's Avatar
      JinxSwe -
      Just lovly what can I say more then: GIVE ME GIVE ME
    1. Alakazou's Avatar
      Alakazou -
      Nice job as usual. I can't wait to try it
    1. shiftyhead's Avatar
      shiftyhead -
      the realoding animation is just amazing. It's loooks like the gun is stuck for 1 second wich I like most
    1. AutumnWind's Avatar
      AutumnWind -
      Very nice, but finger on the trigger seems be too deep.
    1. Swaffy's Avatar
      Swaffy -
      *spaz* That reload animation.