• What is Traction Wars?

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    Traction Wars is a PlayforFree WWII Tactical Teamplay Multiplayer Game. The game brings a vivid and realistic representation of the Second World War to your screens using the stunning CRYENGINE. The game dynamics & balancing are designed to inspire a teamwork orientated tactical style of gameplay which rewards players who work together closely as a single fighting unit.

    Traction Wars will enable players to not only experience intense infantry combat but also the armoured fury of the Second World War, commanding tanks such as the British Cromwell IV and the infamous German Panzer VI Ausf. E "Tiger" as well as the less glamourous but still essential transport and supply vehicles such as the Opel Blitz or Bedford QLD.

    Whichever side you choose to fight with and whether you dream of holding Caen against the might of the combined Allied forces or capturing Pegasus bridge with the British 4th Glider Regiment, Traction Wars will have something for you. We dared to dream that it was possible... do you dare to fight? Join our community today to get the latest in news & make your voice heard.

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    We realise the size of the mountain ahead of us and so we are dividing the project into a series of Chapters so you can dive into the action as soon as possible. The first chapter "OVERLORD" will feature the events immediately following the D-Day Landings of June 1944 and depict the infantry of the British Army and German Heer.

    Subsequent chapters of Traction Wars will bring new features, gameplay, levels, nations and theatres of operation.

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    We dared to dream that it was possible... do you dare to fight?

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