• Chapter One: OVERLORD

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    OVERLORD will be featuring the Normandy Campaign between the British and German Armies immediately following D-Day on June 6th 1944 and will lay the groundwork for the following chapters whilst at the same time providing hours of replayabilty in intense multiplayer combat.

    • Two Nations

      Fight in the vanguard of the largest amphibious invasion in history as a member of the British Army or defend "Fortress Europe" as a member of the German Heer. Realistic asymmetrical strengths and weaknesses of each army are represented in game.
    • Teamwork Orientated Gameplay

      Focused design on close inter-player coordination and communication. Designed for both the casual public game against random players and competitive matches between organised units/clans.
    • 20+ beautifully authentic WWII weapons

      Extensively researched weapons to ensure historical accuracy in appearance, animation and combat handling to give a true representation of the Second World War experience. No fictional attachments or game bonuses.
    • Squad & Command System

      Historically accurate and realistic squad and command system. Designed to allow players/teams to be work actively as a squad both on public servers and pre-organised units.
    • Balanced & Historically Accurate Class System

      Fun and realistic player classes each of which contribute in a different way to the squad combat effectiveness to make teamwork an essential part of the game for anyone who wishes to survive.
    • Historically accurate and detailed maps

      Real-world locations and actual battles carefully recreated from aerial reconnaissance photographs, period maps and eyewitness accounts to provide an environment and scenario as close to that seen over 60 years ago as possible.
    • Custom Interfaces and HUD

      HUD and menus designed to give the player the information and options needed in an intuitive and minimalistic way. Simple and intuitive to get new players quickly and painlessly into the action without the need for extensive tutorials or documentation.
    • Original Soundtrack

      Specially composed accompanying soundtrack by our in house music team to provide a mood enhancing background unique to the game. Enjoy the atmospheric experience.

    NB. Features listed may be subject to change prior to public release.

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