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    An Open Letter to the Traction Wars developers from [1TB]

    An Open Letter to the Traction Wars developers from the 1st Traction Brigade [1TB], an unofficial Traction Wars Community (written by Flare)

    To the Traction Wars developers:

    Recently, there has been much discussion on the Traction Wars Forums surrounding the latest state of the game and devblog updates. These updates showed off some awesome progress, fantastic gifs, and great initiative by the devs with the community survey. It sparked a ton of good discussion, both on the forums and also between the members of the [1TB] community. The aspect of the friendly soldier icons sparked some good debate on the realism and teamwork aspects of the game, and we started to wonder - just what kind of game will Traction Wars be? FlyingR made a post on the forums (link) asking the developers this question. He, along with some key members of the [1TB] community, were discussing this and we wanted to know if the devs had the same expectations as the players about the direction the game is taking.

    Most of us in the [1TB] community play Project Reality. Our squad was basically formed around a group of TW community members that enjoy playing PR. We also happen to be most of the active community members on the TW forums. As such, we were all hoping and thinking that naturally, being a realism game, that Traction Wars would feel similar to PR, in terms of pacing and teamwork especially. Naturally some of us were surprised when we heard that the game may be closer to RO2 in terms of gameplay.

    RO2 and games like Project Reality and Squad are very different in terms of pacing. While Project Reality and Squad are slow, methodical, and have huge emphasis on squadplay and tight teamwork (just look at their names!), Red Orchestra 2 is faster paced, more concentrated, and has much less teamwork. Squads rarely work together and the gameplay is based usually around just dropping arty and then doing a quick rush in towards the point. One can even be very successful in that game as a lone wolf, which would be useless in PR or Squad. For Traction Wars, we really were hoping for these key things: slow and tactical gameplay, polished squadplay, and tactical variety (non-linear gameplay, the ability to creatively find ways to complete objectives from different methods or locations based on the current situation.) Project Reality has this, but lacks in satisfying weapon mechanics. Red Orchestra completely lacks in the tactical and squad aspects, but arguably has some of the best weapon mechanics in any FPS game. The guns just feel right. In an ideal world, TW would get the best of both worlds. Fantastic teamwork and tactical options like in PR, and the incredible weapon feeling from RO2.

    This is not saying that Traction Wars can not be similar in any other ways to RO2. Chapter 1 of TW will be an infantry only experience, as is RO2 save for a few tanks on some maps. However, TW can still include more tactical gameplay in an infantry setting by creating less linear maps and giving squad leaders the tools they need to really let their squad move and fight together, such as rally points, map markers, communication system, etc. Other good gameplay mechanics that could help Traction Wars move away from the fast paced style are long respawn times, slow reloads, weapon control penalties for being on low stamina, medic and ammo sharing systems, pre-round planning timer, and many more. Some of these are already implemented or under review by developers, which we acknowledge and are grateful for.

    What we hope will not happen to Traction Wars is it getting the fast paced, linear, shallow gameplay from RO2. If Traction Wars ends up like that, we fear that there will be a lack in variety between the matches, leading to eventually players losing interest in the game.

    Luckily, the Traction Wars development team has showed great ability to communicate with the community and listen to suggestions. For example, after seeing the first gifs of gameplay, a comment was made about the time it took to aim down sights being ridiculously fast. A developer responded saying that he would look into it. When the next gifs were posted, the animation was slower! The developers really do listen. They have implemented rally points, which is a great step towards slower paced tactical gameplay. They are always reading the forums and looking out for suggestions from the community. In the end, the developers are making the game that they want to play, and that is what should happen. However, we community members want to let the developers know what our wishes for the game are, and we hope that in the end the game will satisfy as much of the Traction Wars community as possible.


    The following 1st Traction Brigade members.

    Flare (Writer)












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    Re: An Open Letter to the Traction Wars developers from [1TB]

    To the Devs, just to re-affirm, I really hope that this letter doesn't offend anyone because this is truly not our intention. Whichever gamestyle you guys choose to follow and implement, we will still be supporting the game and you Devs especially. We know all the hard work, time and effort you've put into your game, and even though we are very demanding, we still respect and appreciate the dedication you have shown.

    (Don't mind the Cheesiness.)

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