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    Re: Dev Blog #33: Player Identification

    Hello all,

    I rarely comment but feel compelled to do so here. I am all fine with not being able to pick up an enemy kit. Weapon sounds are then a great indicator friend or foe activity. You will certainly have arguments for both sides so you will have to make a game play decision not necessarily a democratic one in this case. The HUD indicators are a great addition and I'm in the find out what you are shooting at before you fire camp. They would be unnecessary for my style of play but I still see the need for overall improved play.

    If you are really concerned about immersion then I would NOT put class type icons as they will be more intrusive. Keep them simple as you have them above. Seeing them if players are not in line of sight is a bit immersion breaking so requiring that a player has line of sight to have them show would be a great change if that is possible/feasible.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Dev Blog #33: Player Identification

    Maybe player identification tags, on the screen, could be a layer that is optional. So the more realistic setting has no player identification (layer).
    Of course, that option could apply to a lot of on-screen information.

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